My writing name is Hannah May.

I live in South Africa with my two incredible daughters and was born in a small town in the Northern parts of the country. I am a businesswoman and mom, I am also a dreamer, an adventurer, and an ambitious life explorer!

I have a post-graduate degree, a Business Leadership focused MBA (and currently am trying to get my head around a PhD) and am the owner of a small business where I act as CEO (and jack of all trades). I am involved with a future-orientated online publication and media company and have also been working in higher education for a while. 

I have experience in journalism, marketing and sales and my small business is focused on innovation management, technology and innovation strategy, culture building, strategic training and strategy design.

I think most of the time life is about learning as you go and figuring it out on the way. One thing is for sure, it is never easy. Life always presents us with choices and I am known for making them. Especially the big, scary difficult choices.

Sometimes life is a song, other times it is a hell-hole of unplanned and undeserved bull-dust.

But I believe that the light lies in the discovery and my hope is that you discover yours! This site is brand new and a work in progress. I really hope you find it helpful and entertaining!