It is easy to fall in with the flow of your life, like a leaf floating in a river. It’s the least disruptive option and does not require you to make any harsh decisions or to be brave, acting at the edge of fear.

It is also hard to know what that reality is for someone else, as we never can assume to have the full picture of another person’s life, as we are mere spectators of their reality, whether perceived or real. All we have true access to is the plotline of our own lives, and the ability to influence that as we seem fit and proper.

Each of us need to find our own path, amidst challenges, happiness, tragedy, victories and disappointments, just like those around us. We are here, now and need to grow to be the best, authentic version of ourselves, to reach our full potential, and to support others around us to do the same. Ultimately we decide each action and predetermine each turn and resulting consequence in our lives. It is all within our control, we just sometimes forget.

The challenge comes when we only become participants in our own lives, like playing an extra in a movie when required to do so. We act upon the director’s voice, stand here, do that, smile here, say this and then leave…until we call you back for Act 2…”

When we allow our lives to go where the wind blows, we hand over the steer and allow someone else to control what is intrinsically ours. Our gift of being in this world.

If life is happening to you at the moment, instead of you making it happen best you can, think about these three things:

No one can be a better version of you, than well, YOU!

You are unique, with your own experiences, flaws, talents and gifts. No one can play the lead role in the movie of your life quite like you can. What do you enjoy doing most? What comes naturally to you and feels right? Find you own strengths and embrace it with everything in you so that you can use that as a gift to bless others. You are here for a reason, and a good one! Own it.

Follow your dream or it will fade

If you do not follow your dream or act upon what you want for yourself, someone else will do it for you – and will use you to help them build their dream. We can make a lot of mistakes in life, that is only human but when we regret the chances we did not take, the opportunities we lost or the things we did not do because of fear, low self-confidence or hesitation. Those mistakes might become the ones that haunt us later in life. Your dream might be something different than the budding entrepreneur wanting to build an empire, but you know what it is and what fills your heart with joy and contentment. Make that your reality as opposed to drifting, where you can never be sure of the end destination.

Which brings me to the next point…

Find your voice and own your truth

We sometimes find ourselves in less than optimal situations because we have given away our power. It is not nice to owe up to, but saying yes, when you should have said no. Allowing others to influence your response to whatever challenge you had to deal with. When this happens one never feels comfortable with the outcome, doing what others told you to and then contemplating what exactly happened for years afterwards. You are not comfortable because you are not being you! We compromise because we value people but they don’t value us back in the same way. We give away our power, we remain silent and in the process deny ourselves not only a voice, but what we really want.

Why not start looking out for yourself today? Find your voice, and your gift to the world, because if you do not, your end-destination and most of your life experiences will be at the mercy of those around you and the individuals you are exposed to, and who knows where you will land up in the end.

Our closest relationships are so important, the people around us shape us, help us to transform and become our best selves – but make sure that you are there too. An active participant in your own life, directing it to the best experience for you, where you are content and confident – so that you can be an inspiration for others with love and a light-filled heart.

Love yourself enough, and teach others to do the same, because drifting is for leaves.

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