Sometimes we see only skin deep. A picture predetermined by a vision of how we expect the world to be and forget to see the human behind it all.

How many times do we stop and come from a place of love and understanding as opposed to unkind critique and judgement? Each of us can tell countless stories of disappointment and heartache, not only our own but also the stories of those people around us.

Why should today not be the day that we love, instead of criticize and accuse?

What was your dream? How was it supposed to be?
Turning your face to the sun, seeking the light
Your heart of devotion thrown to the night,
The race to nowhere, rushing past, minutes, hours, days won’t last
Strife and hating, judgement growing stronger
The damage you do, might in the end last longer
The young child growing up without, now dealing with more
A world gone mad, forsaken and cold
You are never enough, never feel okay, there is just more to do and less of you


Another day to try and make it, side by side
But with revenge and ego, you chose to divide
Let it be the softer word, the hand stretched out
The human behind it all we can’t do without


In the rush and heat of the moment we seldom remember that each of us need a softer word and a helping hand, most of the time.

We are all on the journey of life and are but each other’s shadows and witnesses to that journey.

Beauty is not skin deep. It runs much deeper than that. It is the humaneness behind it all that makes us beautiful.

I hope that today you find love, not hurt.  

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