New beginnings don’t always seem like something to be excited about. It seldom announces itself with fanfare, smiles or colourful rainbows.

It is disguised as bitter endings – or worse, it ended before it even had a chance to begin!  The dream job that did not happen, the rejection from a crush after it took forever to gather the courage to confess, the end of a dear friendship or a bitter divorce constructed from disappointment, deceit and heartbreak.

Then without wanting to, the shock and disappointment start to shape expectations, it trained the brain to react, anticipate, flea or protect and suddenly the human experience becomes something to survive, to be careful about or guard against. We try and forget by building self-protecting mechanisms or we dwell in it looking for answers and none of it helps us move forward. Yet, we are stuck, adding to the time stolen and the disappointment experienced. Reliving. Re-questioning, re-thinking and re-hurting and although this is possibly the most human thing to do, it is not helpful.

The time spent dwelling on or questioning disappointment is actively taking time away from today. From living your life right now or making new memories worth cherishing and then one day it has been six years, ten years or fifteen years trying to heal, process or move forward.  


Being afraid of history repeating itself is a scary thought because it means that we lived through experiences that left scars.

Scars so deep and unsettling that we question ourselves, our self-worth and power. It leads us down a never-ending path of “I should have, or I should not have, what I could have done differently then and what I must do better or more of now, or just never being enough”.

What we rarely see is the amount of growth we went through, how we became a better person being able to show more empathy for others and learning crucial lessons on the way. Believe it or not – no matter how clichéd, when looking back a couple of years down the line from a different perspective, it is often with a grateful heart for not getting the things we wanted no matter how invested we were in it at the time. Sometimes endings really are new beginnings. How lucky are we to be able to choose again?

If you need inspiration to cross the bridge to your new beginning today, this is for you:

Things do not always work out the way you planned but it does not mean that it did not work out for the best. You gave it all you had, with a mind that believed in miracles and a heart that was open, willing to love, willing to sacrifice for what it held more dearly than life itself. Your intentions were transparent like the purest crystal bending the light into a thousand rainbows, your smile light and wide with willing hands always serving others.

You have the spirit of an eagle soaring high in the sky, the fire of a warrior burning in your soul. You are strong and fearless, steadfast and courageous and what you went through did not define you. Endings can be blessings in disguise, the dawn of new beginnings, to receive what you have been waiting for. May this new path be all that you hoped for, blooming from lessons past to carry you into a future that only dreams are made of. Go grab it with both hands because you so deserve it!

Lots of love,


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