Change is hard. It requires a different perspective and an open mind.

Sometimes we are pushed to new experiences and change comes with the territory. Other times we have to make a conscious decision to change the status quo, and a double dose of discomfort is dealt our way. One thing is certain, dealing with change is never easy and opting for a gentler path that offers least resistance, can easily seem the better option.

Getting to the other side of discomfort requires courage, perseverance and a healthy dose of persistent optimism. This scenario probably plays itself out in various situations in our lives, and as nature shows us daily, it’s not only the fittest that survive, but probably those that can better adapt to change that will make it in the end. As humans we have the innate ability to plan for and navigate change and it is only when we can push through the discomfort, that adaptation to new scenarios in our lives become easier.  The good news is, change is almost always a new doorway to a fresh chapter, an open invitation to new experiences and boundless opportunity.

Think about times of disruption in your own life. Whether is a new job, moving to a new city, a new country, going through a divorce where very little will be the same than it once was, starting your own business or dealing with a life changing event, what are the things that can make the adjustment a little smoother and less uncomfortable?

Many of us have dealt with uncomfortable change in many scenarios. Here are my top 3 lessons learned in the process.

Change is always scary. Change happens. Sometimes you decide, sometimes it gets decided for you, but here you are regardless. If you opted for a new beginning because it is what is best for you right now, good for you! You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Second-guessing, doubt, regret or stressing about it will not help you getting through the discomfort. Being scared out of your mind is normal, and it is okay. Take a breather and see the good in your new situation. Focus on it. The rest you will deal with as it comes. Are there at least three things you can write down that can get you excited about this change? Write it down where you can see it, and remind yourself of it often.

Find your new normal. It sounds hard to do but this is what will pull you through and make adjustment so much easier. The hobbies, activities and experiences you enjoy needs to find a place in your new life and environment. Where is your favourite coffee shop, art or book club, where can you find like-minded friends and adventurous new opportunity? It will not happen overnight but if you are open to new experiences it is very likely that new experiences and opportunity will be open to you!

Believe in yourself. Yes. I know. This is probably the hardest to do. When one is in a new environment, feeling like a foreigner on a far away planet, self-confidence and self-assurance marches out the back door with the speed of light, especially if it is not something that you were good at to begin with. Remember that you are unique, and deserves the same place in the sun just like anyone else. Is someone the reason you do not feel valued or welcome? Then it is a good sign that you should look elsewhere. Most people like to help, so ask for assistance if you need to. Keep an open mind and use the opportunity to grow, learn and start over. The future is in your own hands, you are holding the pen to the next chapter. Why waste precious time with doubt and worry? The initial feelings of insecurity and fear, of being out of place will pass. It might take a bit of an adjustment but it will pass, and what can be better than to experience things that holds endless new possibility?

Work through the discomfort and embrace the adventure and freedom of new beginnings!

It is going to be worth it. You might shed some skin in the transformational process but if nothing else, you would have created opportunity, and there is little to regret about that!

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