We live in extraordinary times. A time where the world has been turned upside down and although it has become the new normal over the last couple of decades, we are dealing with a lot more in recent times than we ever thought possible. 

A global pandemic is reminding us of the fleetingness of life as we are experiencing and witnessing friends and acquaintances being adversely affected. We are dealing with an economic crunch that touched us all in some way or the other.

The world is not working in the same way we were once used to and it is extraordinarily uncomfortable. For many, life is falling apart in a thousand fragile, shattering little pieces.  

I got news today that a company we are close to from a business perspective is closing a division and that from tomorrow, 150 people will be without a job. Lives are changing from going into the office on Monday morning, to nothing but the stone-cold reality of looking for the next meal on the table.

When life turns in this way most things pale in comparison. Many of these people could have been already affected by the novel, deadly virus and adding the loss of income to tragedy is a cruel reality that became the status quo for many, regardless.

When this happens there is little to say that will make things better in the short run. Life continues, the sun comes up and sets again – and bills need to be paid. It is possibly one of the greatest tests of life and getting to the other side is hard. When the future is uncertain and times are tough, it is important to breathe and believe, as character is built in times like these and one thing is for certain, you will learn about grit, bravery and resolve, and that is what distinguishes between a leader and a follower…. You are being honed to lead, to inspire, to accomplish, and to above all, be grateful… as it is much easier to see what you had, once you have lost it.

If you happen to go through a time today that asks for bravery, grit and a belief in miracles, remember this:

You are strong and fearless, you know how to overcome and rise. You have done this before. You know that patience and a still heart will stand you in far better stead than panic and fear and you know how to get through the darkness. You are important, you are one of a kind and your resilient spirit will help you grow and from the depths of despair, you will find a better way through. You understand that doors close because the time has come for you to open new ones and that people come and go, because you have changed too, and that the time for you to leave might have arrived. You are even stronger, more confident and more beautiful than you were before and each day breaks for you with the golden promise of a sunrise. The promise of fresh beginnings and new rainbow experiences. You are ready to grasp it with open arms and a fertile heart ready for change – you are ready to embrace the awe of the possible.

So go, breathe and believe and know that something new awaits. Keep your head up. Put one foot in front of the other and remember, in the darkest of times, the stars shine the brightest.

See you on the other side.

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