We all have something that makes us unique. It can be a certain way we walk, talk or the little things that we do.

We all have mannerisms or habits that make us who we are. It is not something that we think about most of the time but yet, it belongs uniquely to us.

Then sometimes we get busy, distracted or caught up in a struggle, chasing something big, or dealing with a constant stream of little things, one after the other. It might be something all-consuming, or we might just be focusing on surviving today, and the next, so we forget about our uniqueness, the moment of now and the fact that we are here –  leaving footprints that attest to our lives every day.

Whether we aware of it or not, every day we are creating imprints of ourselves that we scatter and imprint everywhere we go. Sometimes those impressions are fleeting and get washed away by the next big wave, other times they can last much longer. Like clay in the hands of and artist, we mould and shape our lives, our experiences, our circumstances and other peoples’ perceptions about us by how we move through this world.

Did you leave scatterings of yourself today that had the opposite effect of what you intended?

Or did you make the most of where you are right now, of that magic moment with a child, the opportunity to strengthen a friendship? Did you stop to look around and appreciate the beauty of the present moment?  

Your footprint:

  • Is proof that you were here, that you lived this moment!
  • Shows that you have the ability to walk and experience life, albeit sometimes one step at a time, by putting one foot in front of the other
  • Is a reminder that you were brave enough to make a choice. You chose one path over another, and you can do it again, you can change direction whenever necessary

This moment is yours to shape, a fleeting opportunity to realise that all the potential is within you. Every step, every imprint provides new hope, a new chance at a fresh start that ultimately gets strung together like colourful, delicate beads symbolising a beautiful life.  

May you leave footprints that run, jump, dance and walk alongside others with contentment and abundant joy. May your footprints show a life of interesting twists and turns that take you to places that fill you with amazement and breathtaking beauty and may you always know that this moment belongs to you and that you can shape it and change direction as you see fit at any time.

The most difficult paths often lead to the most beautiful destinations, so embrace the opportunity to leave a new impression on each new day.

May your footsteps always fall in places of beauty and opportunity, the kind that dreams are made of.

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